Obsessed with cartoons, characters and hand-drawn typography. I mostly make drawings filled with recurring characters/design motifs that are a nod to an ongoing fascination with B-movies and vintage cartoons, Japanese ephemera, sports mascots and celebrity culture.


2015 - 'Pressure Drop Takeover Soho' - BrewDog Soho, London, UK

2015 - 'Loop Dreams' - Stour Space, London, UK

2015 - 'KILL YOUR SHELF', Streets Of Beige - Beach London, UK

2014 - 'PropARTy: The Winter Salon', Kids Of Dada & PropARTy Gallery - 8 Pembridge Place, London, UK

2013 - 'Go Hard Or Go Home', Lyes & Jones - Rag Factory, London, UK

2013 - 'Roll Over Play Dead', High Roller Society - Stour Space, London, UK

2011 - 'ZINE'S MATE' - Tokyo, Japan

2011 - 'Raw 5', Raw Agency - Islington Mill, Manchester, UK

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